Wednesday, June 08, 2005

This is Blah and Stupid

I think over the summer that I will try to be more daily in my blog writing. Yesterday and today I have had the feeling that there is a huge weight on my chest because I am angry and sad about some things I recently learned. Usually when I feel this way I can start writing--either working on a poem or writing in my journal--but yesterday that wasn't good enough. I wrote and wrote--lots of nasty details to use in two different poems, then I fell asleep and wrote some more. But when I woke up I felt like the wind had been kicked out of me still. All I wanted to do last night was watch a funny movie, so I did, but that didn't do it either.

Ray Charles has helped a little. And my kids are off at school this morning--I have another hour and a half of free time, and I've already finished a draft of a poem. I may go shopping and buy things until it's time to pick them up.

Louisiana is trying to pass a new smoking tax--a dollar a pack--and many people are outraged. I only smoke in bars, and I hardly ever go to bars, and out of extreme boredom, so I shouldn't care about the tax that much--BUT, if the tax doesn't pass, it is unlikely that I will get a raise this year. I need a raise because my salary is very small. I also just want a raise, and my health insurance premium nearly doubled. But I'm so busy writing this blog and poem that I can't be bothered to go outside to get the newspaper and see what happened.


At 11:51 AM, Blogger Patty said...

I really enjoyed your poems in Blackbird!


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