Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Room of Her Own

If you could turn any room or building in the world into your writing studio, what would you choose and why? (From Charles)

I would like to buy the property we used to rent on the Tickfaw River in Springfield, Louisiana. The property has three houses--The big house, the guest house, and the guest shack. We lived in the guest house, which was really just a gussied up hunting camp. This house would be all mine, and it would be cleaned by someone other than me. The kitchen would hold a coffee pot, bar, and icemaker only. No washing machine, no brooms, irons--nothing but some file cabinets and my desk in front of the long window looking out over the river, and a rug for my feet. No phone, no email, no radio. No visitors unless they were other poets or cool people. Family on occastion, and one of the boats would be big enough to take them all out.

Why? Spots of Time. When I lived there the first time I thought that if I were Wordsworth I could write "The Prelude" sitting out on that boat dock. Also, it's the place where B. and I were last A and B. (There's four of us now.)