Wednesday, April 19, 2006

At Home with Kids

I am home all this week and part of last with my children, who are off from school as am I. We are having fun, but it is a lot of work to entertain two little boys all day every day by yourself. If left to themselves for a moment--say we are outside and I run in to put a load of clothes in the wash, I am likely to return to them having a "pee pee race" off of their fort, or using plastic shovels to rearrange the dog poo in the corner of the yard.

Recently my husband made the foolish gesture of cutting down the wall of bamboo in our yard with hopes that the grass would grow. All that happened is the the bamboo sent out runners that grow I swear a foot a day--not only where the bamboo used to be, but also everywhere else all over the yard. So my kids get great enertainment snipping down the new shoots with various garden tools. They make windchimes with the wreckage.

Birds have had babies in the birdhouse we built a few years ago. It's a rudimentary birdhouse painted bright yellow and royal blue, with universe-themes stencils painted on. Sounds like a very happy home, as is mine, theough no poetry is happening for me, and I'd be telling a lie if I pretended to be anything other than freaked about it.


At 12:30 PM, Blogger Ash said...

The only way you'll ever get rid of that bamboo now is to change the soil's pH. The cheapest way to do that is with white vinegar. Pour it directly on the bamboo.


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