Monday, March 21, 2005

On My Desk This Morning

CAUTION: Boring, mundane details follow.

I've been 'doin' bidness' so much lately that I can barely find time to read. When I get like this I also excuse myself from writing. Not cool. I had so much family stuff to do this weekend that I didn't touch the work stuff I brought home in order to keep up. So it's Monday and I'm already sinking, and I'm making things worse by taking time out to blog.

I got a message from the Dean this morning that she wants me to do a week-long writing camp over the summer. I'd get paid a lot of money. So I started making phone calls, and already it seems like this idea is too late for this camp to be feasible. Maybe next year, unless the Dean really wants to push.

Other stuff--

Student papers I have no intention of grading
A request from the Provost
Four course descriptions I need to write for this afternoon.
Reminder about a Meeting tomorrow.
Seven unsharpened pencils.
The Book You Are Here that has been traveling in my diaper bag since I bought it some time in December.
Two pairs of earrings.
Sticky-notes in every size and color.
A calendar.
A pink flamingo pen (I call it my trailer trash pen).
Shakespeare action figure (with removable quill pen).
A quarter and a dime.
A Lean Cuisine pizza.
A glass hedgehog.
Pictures of my kids.

Everything else I trashed or stuffed in a drawer on Friday.

Before I go to bed tonight I WILL finish a draft of this poem I have been writing because otherwise I'm going to lose it.

Sorry I'm so boring today.