Friday, October 28, 2005

Forced out to the Infinite Power

Well, there is no point in vilifying the slumlord more than necessary. We have been "housesitting" in her rental property since mid-September. The actual person on the lease is absent and isn't planning on coming back. This is Bryan's aunt, and her plans have been changing again and again, so we never mentioned anything to the landlord.

But lately the landlord has been poking around, gardening in the back yard, asking lots of questions, asking to talk to the intended tennants, etc. I was vague in all my responses to her, because I wasn't sure what was going on, but it became clear to me, as I was pressred into helping her water the stupid plants, that the original renters had not been up front with her. They hadn't given notice, which I thought they had, etc.

Also, this house is in a very wealthy area in Mandeville with 24 hour security and strict rules about how the lawns have to look, etc. The neighborhood is cracking down on dwellings that are hosting multiple families becaue the cars on the lawn are "unsightly." So I guess in this neighborhood no one can use a 3500 square foot house to help out relatives who were heavily impacted by this storm. This all seems like complete bullshit to me. I hate being in the middle of it.

Bryan will get out oven cabinet installed today, and we will get to the floors this weekend. (I hope) So if she tells us we have to be out the week of the first, we'll just return to an unfinished house. Lots of people are doing this. The sheetrock dust is gone, the mold is gone. I'll get an air purifier for the boys' room (they'll be sharing since my brother will be with us) and we'll do baseboards, yard, outside painting, doors, the second half of the carpet, trim, bricks, ect, after we're in the house.

Since all of this has happened, my freak out threshhold has been raised. Now it takes about ten major things gone wrong before I lose it. Maybe that's why I'm not freaked out. I just don't care. I don't like the house, and I want to go home anyway. We were forced out, and now we're going to be forced back in.


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