Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Today is my third straight day of maintaining a positive attitude, and it is more tiring than ahy machine I torture myself with at the gym. It is SO HARD not to participate in the wee negativities that occur around me at all times.

So here are some good things from the last few days:

My youngest (3.5) started gymnastics today, and he was so cute and so excited. I truly believe he has natural talent.

My poetry students are a diverse and interesting group--we did some writing in class on Thursday, and tomorrow I have gret lecture planned for them.

My freshmen are not whining--they are interested, intelligent kids so far.

Two poems accepted for the NoTell Motel Anthology.

I finished an essay about my Li Po poems for a forthcoming anthology about poems that deal with literary obsessions, and they wrote back to say they really liked it.

I got a letter from CSUP detailing what they enjoyed about my manuscript. I thought that was sweet.

While writing with my students in class on Thursday I figured out how to revise this poem that has been stumping me.

That's all I can think of, and it's Muppet time in my house.