Monday, April 04, 2005

Tripping over Cobblestones

This weekend was the Tennessee Williams Festival. I was a participant this year, which means I got tickets to all of the ritzy parties, which means I had a good time. On Wednesday I had a little too much fun at a party with all sorts of writers. Maybe later I'll go into the adventure I shared with Anne, Dean, and Brad, an ordeal which involved being lost and walking--IN HEELS--among the cobblestoned streets in the French Quarter for about two hours.

It was fun though, and I was giddy when I got home. I even teetered to the mailbox, and boy am I glad I did because what was inside but a letter from the guest editor of Ploughshares saying how much he loved one of my poems. At the end of the letter he wrote "You're the real deal." That's something all poets should hear now and again.

Also in my mailbox were my contributer's copies of the Cimarron Review. If I can ever figure out how to do a link I'll link to the site because my poem is featured there. Also featured is a poem by Brian Turner. I think that guy is a great writer. Maybe he'll come to the Ten. Wms Fest one year.

On Friday I intorduced Ellen Gilchrist, which is no mean feat--that intro cost me a poem and a half, I swear. And I even had Stokes on the phone helping out. Sunday I was on a boring (not my fault) poetry panel. Then I skipped out to see Dave Eggers (Eggars ?)being inteviewed by Anne at Muriel's. But we got there and it was so crowded and hot, we just left after sneaking in to tell her good luck.

I also had a poem accepted by Blackbird, which is a great online journal. Guy the editor write me a very long email with brilliant feedback on a poem I sent to them. Makes me wish I had a writing group.

Rather than Creole tomatoes, my hubby bought be a bright-painted, wooden jackalope from Mexico from the French Market. In its ears I have placed the letter from DStJ.

As Whitehead used to say, Onward.


At 1:01 AM, Blogger Suzanne said...

Outstanding, Alison!Congratulations, your box is chock full of good news these days. :-)

At 3:55 AM, Blogger Suzanne said...

PS I loved your poem in Cimarron Review. Good, good, stuff.


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