Thursday, June 16, 2005

Write now, worry later

It took me about three weeks to recover from this semester and its aftermath, a wrap-up which included some heavy disappointments for me. However, I have reached the point where I am taking all of this as a good sign, because it means I can go back to doing what they pay me for and pull out of the endless projects, meetings, readings, etc. that were completely draining my time. I have learned, in three short weeks, to say no. I have also reached the point that I can let go (for the most part) some deep resentment of a few individuals. This may sound like nothing to you, but for one who takes pleaseure in writing people off and holding a grudge, it's a real surprise.

So, now that the knot in my chest is gone, I have been able to enjoy writing again, not to mention my children. One of the reason I love summer is that I feel like everything in poetry sort of shuts down--I don't worry about submissions or my manuscript. I'm not even worrying too much about poems. They come, I write them down, I put them aside. None of my usual second guessng the topic, delivery, relevance, where it fits in book. I'm just writing the poems down. I'll fret over them later.

Does anyone out there have a relaxed summer approach to writing?