Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Katrina Continued

My father-in-law was able to make it to my home to check it and report on the damage. The cats are alive, and he let them out. My house is heavily damaged and uninhaitable. Trees down everywhere. There is a large hole through the roof and ran in the den/playroom area. The corner or back wall--I didn't quite get him--was crushed and open to outside. That hole is how they got into the house. Inside is wet, but not flooded, from the rain. Bryan will try to get back and get a few things. We are really lucky though, because the structure is redeemable. Almost a million people are in far grave situations.

New Orleans is chaos--I am sure everyone has seen this on the news. Thousands feared dead, and thousands may die if not lifted out.

For those trying to reach th Folsom area--they have no electricity, phones. Cell phones are out. My father-in-law drove to Hammond and called from a land line. He will call everyday before noon, he said, and I will post anything new that I know.

I fear for New Orleans--I just don't see how we will recover. No economy, no jobs, no money. . .