Thursday, August 04, 2005

This Is Their Penis and This Is Their Butt

Today I brought the kids to the children's museum and we all had the blast. I believe this one in New Orleans is supposed to be the best--it's a great, huge space. Ben wants to have his B-day party there (you can rent rooms, or the whole place after hours). For them, the best exhibit wat the mini-port of New Orleans where they drove a tugboat and an ocean liner, go to look under the Mississippi River Bridge, load and unload a barge of freight, and toot the very loud horn lots of times. For me the best part was the Things to do with lines exhibit where the kids made sculptures by fitting pool noodles into holes, and drew with light. They also had a blast wearing ensembles from the costume box.

After that we had a City Park picnic (in the back of the car because Ben is afraid of thunder). We had to eat gas station food and ham, because for some reason I only put grapes and drinks in the ice chest. We saw the antique train and walked down to the sculpture garden--if ever in New Orleans you must stop there. The kids loved this huge bronze spider, but they loved the nudes most of all. They were standing with a group of larger than life nude running men (the men look like they're wearing mask from Greek stage) saying over and over again, loudly: THIS IS THEIR PENIS AND THIS IS THEIR BUTT. A Buddhist monk took their picture. I hope he remembers us, because now that I have written it down, I will remember him.


At 11:51 AM, Blogger early hours of sky said...

My daughter once played baseball with tibetan monks. I will never forget their red robes flying while they tried to tag her out. I love children and art.

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