Tuesday, November 01, 2005

House Update

This weekend I bagged about thirty garbage bags of pine needles. Not your ordinary pine needles, either. These aere litteres with shards of glass, roofing nails, pieces of brick, shingles, wood, and the like. I was weraing work gloves (not a first) and I used a pitchfork (a first). There is much much more raking and bagging to be done. Our house is coming along, but we are so tired that it is hard to work on it. The kitchen cabinets and appliances are installed. The lights have been wired, a plumbing problem addressed, and the roof is shingled, though we have run into some problems in another area of the roof. This weekend we plan to do the flooring tin the kitchen and living room. The rest of the new carpet will be installed on the 14th of this month. We are still waiting for payment from the insurance company, and that is why we have been doing so much of the work ourselves. We bought the supplies early because we feared shortages. These fears have turned out to be warranted. On the northshore (where I live) people are experiencing supply-induced delays. I've heard of roofers driving to Jackson, and even higher, to find shingles, etc. And as this happens, the price goes up.

Anyway. I'm hoping for the week before Thanksgiving, which should coincide nicely with our eviction.