Tuesday, December 06, 2005


Last week, I discovered that the three mortgage payments which the bank offered to defer and tack on to the end of the loan became due, which means that in December I have to pay September, October, November as well. This is the same mortgage company holding a portion of my insurance payment until I hire an inspector ($350) to check on the house and approve of the repairs. Not quite sure how they expect us to complete the repairs with they extra cash they're holding and the three monthly payments they expect. I lost it on the phone.

And when I recovered I went to the toystore and bought Christmas presents. Then I paid the kids' tuition. And don't you know that yesterday I got a check for living expenses in the exact amount that I owe. Go figure.

We are in the financial position to be able to juggle this out--maybe not the exact way we want, but we can do it. There are so many who can't, for various reasons, and of course there are people like my brother who have lost everything, possible even the hoe of rebuilding, and still have a mortgage to pay. You know things are bad when you find your spirits lifted by the thought of a FEMA trailer in the driveway of your decimated home.